Traffic Calming Workshop Recap on September 20

Traffic Calming Workshop Recap on September 20

Join Us for Our Traffic Calming Recap on September 20

The City of Lomita held a community workshop to address traffic calming improvements within Lomita. The recommendations will be presented on September 20 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

City staff have received resident complaints of speeding traffic on various city streets, long wait times to safely make turns at intersections and safely walking in crosswalks. In May, in response to these complaints, the Lomita City Council approved a project team to create a Traffic Calming Toolkit to address traffic flow throughout Lomita’s many local streets.

The elements of the toolkit will be shared with community members at the September 20 meeting. Some topics that residents can expect to hear are types and purpose of tools, applicability for various concerns and provide suggestions on areas of concern. The City hopes to enhance its available tools based upon new solutions, and general guidelines based upon various streets configurations.

Register now for the September 20 meeting.

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