The current Traffic Control Policy was adopted by City Council on June 2, 2020 and replaces the prior Traffic Control Policy and Guidelines (of January 22, 2008). The current policy is intended to 1) Establish objectives and methods to resolve traffic issues; 2) Establish procedures for review and approval of changes related to traffic and safety in the City of Lomita, California; 3) Ensure that the strategies align with City Council priorities; 4) Allow for public engagement. The City’s Public Works Director or designee shall have the responsibility to maintain, review, update, and ensure that the policy is followed.

Key Objectives:

  • Maintain open and accessible streets for emergency response
  • Maintain safe streets, bikeways, and pedestrian paths
  • Maintain open and accessible streets for local and regional transportation
  • Maximize on-street parking availability
  • Support public transit and bikeways to alleviate vehicular traffic
  • Preserve character and quality of life in Lomita
  • Cooperatively work with California’s Department of Transportation (Caltrans) on State Corridors, Pacific Coast Highway and Western Avenue
  • Cooperatively work with Metropolitan Transportation Authority and South Bay Council of Government on regional corridors or networks
Members of the public or City staff may identify a traffic and safety concern and bring it to the attention of the Public Safety and Traffic Commission, City Council, or City Staff. The individual will be directed to the most current method (form) for submitting information on the concern. Incomplete or illegible submissions may not be able to be fully reviewed and evaluated.

The traffic and safety concern will be reviewed by the Technical Traffic Advisory Committee (TTAC). The TTAC is composed of members from:

  • Public Works including Civil Engineer and Superintendent
  • City’s Law Enforcement/Liaison
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Administrative Staff
  • Traffic Advisor/Traffic Engineer

This group meets regularly to evaluate City traffic concerns. Individual members may be City staff or contract services depending on how services are delivered. TTAC recommendations are primarily based on the following guidelines:

  • California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Caltrans Standard Plans
  • California Vehicle Code
  • City of Lomita Municipal Code
  • Los Angeles County Code
  • Various common engineering standards
  • Education, Enforcement & Engineering (The 3 E’s)

Once a recommendation has been made, City Staff shall inform the requester of the evaluation of the matter and action taken. If the matter will be presented at Public Safety and Traffic Commission or City Council, the requester shall be notified.

The PSTC shall meet and function as defined in Title 2, Chapter 12 of the Lomita Municipal Code. In the PSTC’s current capacity (2020), the Commission shall review matters and make recommendations to the City Council related to safety and traffic. Any changes in Duties and Responsibilities of the PSTC in the Municipal Code, shall be automatically incorporated in this policy.

Specific changes to street sweeping days and times shall be reviewed by the PSTC only if there is a public safety or traffic concern related to street sweeping.

Public Safety and Traffic matters that require City Council action include the addition or modification of the following:

  • Regulatory traffic signs and curb markings
  • Traffic signals
  • Flashing beacons
  • Accessible parking zones
  • Pilot program recommendations
  • Roadway features such as speed humps

Matters that will not require City Council approval, but is delegated to staff for approval:

  • Forty (40) feet or less of new red curb on a block in a calendar year
  • Removal of red curb that was not previously approved by City Council
  • Addition of Warning, Guide, Recreation or Construction Zone signs
  • Addition of red curb paint to clarify existing parking restrictions (hidden hydrant, corner where cars often park, small gap between corner and existing red)
  • Repainting of roadway striping and pavement markings for routine maintenance or refreshing due to damage
  • Replacement of signs for routine maintenance or replacement due to damage

The Director of Public Works may, at her/his discretion, send notices to adjacent property owners if necessary. The communication may be in the form of USPS letters, hand delivered notices, social media posting, City website posting, or other form of communication. The purpose of the communication may be to ask for input, to inform, or to ask for public participation at the Commission or Council meeting.

Traffic Investigation Requests

If you would like to submit a traffic-related concern to the City of Lomita, please complete an online Traffic Investigation Request form here: If you need assistance, please call 310-325-7110 or visit Lomita City Hall at 24300 Narbonne Ave., Lomita, CA 90717.

All requests are initially reviewed by the Technical Traffic Advisory Committee (TTAC) in accordance to TTAC’s procedures and schedule.