City Hall Main Line: 310-325-7110

General Administration

Public Works

Permit Submittals x111
Sidewalk, Curb Repairs, Street & Tree Maintenance x155
Water Maintenance x155
Traffic-related Concerns x155
Information about Electrical Outages
Report a Streetlight Out x155
After hours Water Emergency 310-597-6428
After hours Street/Tree Emergency 310-597-6429
After hours Park Emergency 310-597-6430

Community Development

Recreation and Facilities

Adult League Programs 310-326-0140
Registration & Programs 310-326-0140

Administrative Department (Finance)

Accounts Payable x152
Human Resources x144

Phone Directory by Department

City Manager’s Department – (City Clerk, Administration, Dial-A-Ride, Housing, CDBG, and Parking Citations and Utility Billing)

Name Title Phone
Joe Hoefgen Interim City Manager 310-325-7110
Gary Sugano Assistant City Manager 310-325-7110 x121
Kathleen Horn Gregory City Clerk 310-325-7110 x113
Deborah Dixon Human Resources Manager 310-325-7110 x144
Lina Hernandez Senior Management Analyst 310-325-7110 x151
John Campos Parking Enforcement Supervisor 310-325-7110 x217
Linda Abbott Deputy City Clerk 310-325-7110 x141
Vacant Administrative Analyst 310-325-7110 x107
JP Adamzadeh Management Assistant 310-325-7110 x112
Lety Paz Administrative Assistant 310-325-7110 x102

Parks and Recreation Division – Recreation, Adult and Youth League Programs, FacilitiesBuilding and Grounds Maintenance, Railroad Museum and Special Events

Name Title Phone
Mike Sansbury Recreation and Facilities Manager 310-326-0140
Emma Kelley Recreation Manager 310-326-0140
Sean Ritchie Recreation Supervisor 310-326-0140
Cece Villa Administrative Assistant 310-326-0140
Robert Heaney Recreation Coordinator 310-326-0140
Ross Lopez Lead Worker – Facilities 310-326-0140
Pio Nunez Maintenance Worker II 310-326-0140

Administrative Services Department – Budget, Accounts Payable, Business License, Water Billing, Human Resources

Name Title Phone
Susan Kamada Administrative Services Director 310-325-7110 x127
Erika Reyes Senior Accountant 310-325-7110 x129
Rheziel Dacumos Payroll Accountant 310-325-7110
Jessica Luy Accounting Technician 310-325-7110 x152
Martha Harris Accounting Assistant (Water Utility Billing) 310-325-7110 x139
Maria Matesic Accounting Assistant (Business License) 310-325-7110 x137

Community Development Department – Planning, Code Enforcement and Economic Development, Film Permits and Animal Control

Name Title Phone
Brianna Rindge Community and Economic Development Director 310-325-7110 x122
Laura MacMorran Associate Planner 310-325-7110 x120
Erika Barbero Assistant Planner 310-325-7110 x103
Will Lawson Code Enforcement Supervisor 310-325-7110 x118
Zaynab Qazi Code Enforcement Officer I 310-325-7110 x156
Vacant Planning Intern 310-325-7110 x150

Public Works Department – Parks, Sidewalk, Street, Tree & Water Maintenance

Name Title Phone
Carla Dillon Public Works Director/City Engineer 310-325-7110 x124
Fred Aboujaoude Principal Engineer 310-325-7110 x110
Joe Vida Management Analyst 310-325-7110 x214
Rachel Bucklew Administrative Analyst 310-325-7110 x155
Jennifer Howell Associate Engineer 310-325-7110 x170
Cory Zedler Engineering Technician 310-325-7110 x111
Andrew Lien Engineering Intern 310-325-7110 x117
Hector Flores PW Superintendent (Streets/Trees/Parks) 310-325-7110 x314
Rafael Mendoza Lead Worker – Parks
Julio Garcia Maintenance Worker II – Parks
William Ibarra Maintenance Worker II – Parks
Angel Castillo Maintenance Worker I – Parks
Chris Moya Maintenance Worker I – Parks
Richard Carranza Maintenance Aide – Parks
Vacant Maintenance Aide – Parks
Carlos Bobadilla Lead Worker – Street/Trees
Jorge Calderon Maintenance Worker II – Streets
Jason Filbern Maintenance Worker II – Street/Trees
Emmanuel Spindola Maintenance Worker I – Street/Trees
Steven Hernandez Maintenance Worker I – Street/Trees
Gabriel Maldonado Maintenance Aide – Street/Trees
Mark Andersen Chief Water Operations Manager 310-325-7110 x310
John Williams Treatment Plant Operator
Octavio Becerra Treatment Plant Operator
David Huerta Water Services Tech II
Justin Nguyen Lead Worker – Water Distribution
Michael Stoltz Water Services Tech II