Trevor Rusin with Best, Best and Krieger serves as the City Attorney for the City of Lomita.  Trevor was appointed as the City Attorney in 2021.

The City Attorney provides legal counsel to the City Council, the City Manager, and the various City departments, represents the City in litigation or to manage outside counsel representing the City in litigation, helps the City avoid litigation whenever possible, drafts ordinances and resolutions, prosecutes violations of the Municipal Code, manages the cost of legal services, and supports the City Council in the development and adoption of policy.

Key Responsibilities
  • Provide oral and written advice and opinions as requested.
  • Review and prepare ordinances, resolutions, contracts, written opinions, and agreements.
  • Enforce the city code and prosecute violators.
  • Review and process claims against the City, including legal defense in selected situations.
  • Initiate legal action when deemed necessary or proper by the City Council.
  • Provide timely legal advice to the City’s advisory bodies and staff.
  • Provide all-purpose litigation capability on behalf of the City.

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Council Appointed Officer

City Attorney of Lomita

Trevor Rusin
City Attorney