The Street Maintenance Division provides minor maintenance to the city streets, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. Street Maintenance also maintains, removes, installs, and/or changes curb markings as directed by the City Council and the Public Safety and Traffic Commission and also removes graffiti from city property.

Key Objectives:

  • Remove graffiti from city property
  • Assist in the coordination all street related capital improvement projects
  • Promote street and safety training
  • Maintain the landscaping along the north side of Palos Verde Drive North between Western and Rolling Vista Drive
  • Erect banners in the downtown area
  • Replace damaged sidewalks
  • Perform periodic inspections of sidewalks
  • Repair potholes
  • Change, replace, remove, and add curb markings as directed
  • Repaint small sections of street markings
  • Remove graffiti from city property

USA Dig Alert – CALL before you Dig!

Service Alert of Southern California (a.k.a. DigAlert) before digging – call 811. The following link will provide detailed information for property owners and contractors: