The Tree Maintenance Division keeps city parkway trees properly trimmed for safety and tree health. Staff also responds to all parkway tree emergencies.

Key Objectives

  • Conduct tree trimming of approximately 600 City trees per year
  • Evaluate and address tree trimming requests. During its routine course of public works maintenance activities, city personnel may trim city trees for traffic and/or pedestrian clearance, and/or for the health of the tree. The city will not trim trees for the purpose of view or aesthetic enhancement during its routine course of public works maintenance activities. For more information, visit the City of Lomita’s Tree Ordinance
  • Remove trees which meet the criteria within the City’s tree ordinance
  • Remove tree stumps
  • Plant and replant trees each fiscal year
  • Promote tree and safety training

With the assistance of a certified arborist, the Lomita City Council approved the Tree Palate for city trees.  Additional factors may be taken into account when the City plants a tree including overhead utilities and species diversity.

For trees that interfere with power lines, city staff are not trained nor equipped to handle those requests. Please refer to Southern California Edison for more information.

To submit a request for service please call 310-325-7110 x155 or submit an online request.