Periodically, the City conducts a community survey which serves as a tool to assist the City Council in setting priorities, evaluating community needs and establishing goals to improve service. It is important for the City to know how residents feel about the quality of everything from facilities and programs to events and services. 

The goal of the survey was to assess resident opinions, priorities and satisfaction levels with City core services and communication efforts, as well as community characteristics that contribute to quality of life.

To conduct this survey, the City contracted with FM3, an independent survey research firm that used a random sampling methodology to obtain a statistically valid, demographically representative sample based on the latest Census data.

FM3 used a combination of emails, postcards, texts and phone calls to recruit participation in the survey from the randomly selected residents, with respondents given the option to complete the survey online or by telephone. A total of 467 surveys were completed, exceeding the initial goal of 400 surveys.

The results of this community survey will be used by the City in strategic planning and budgeting decisions and communication and engagement efforts, and provides an ongoing baseline for subsequent surveys. Going forward, the City plans to conduct the survey every few years to track and measure improvements and identify shifts in community priorities and concerns.

2023 Community Survey
Survey Presentation (PDF)

2018 Community Survey
Survey Presentation (PDF)