What are my responsibilities as a resident?

  • Residents will simply dispose of organic/compostable waste in your existing green waste bin.
  • Investing in a kitchen trash bin used specifically for organics is recommended and will make this process easy.


What are my responsibilities as a business?

  • Any business with 2 cubic yards of trash or more weekly is required to recycle organics and food waste.
  • Food service businesses must donate edible food to food recovery organizations with others starting in 2024. This will help feed the almost 1 in 4 Californians without enough to eat.
  • California has a goal to redirect 20% of edible food currently thrown away to people in need by 2025.

Self-Haulers (contractors, construction workers, landscapers, etc.)

What are my responsibilities as a self-hauler?

  • Self-haulers will need to ensure all organic compostable materials — such as hedge and tree trimmings, cardboards, wood scraps, etc. — are separated from landfill materials and properly disposed of.