As the City of Lomita continues exploring the transition to district-based elections, residents are encouraged to get involved in the process by drawing their own proposed district map.

Districting determines how neighborhoods and communities are grouped together for the purposes of electing City Council Members. Beginning in 2024, the City would be divided into five separate districts and voters would vote for one City Council Member who lives in their district, replacing the current system of at-large citywide elections.

In accordance with standard districting practices established by the State of California, the City of Lomita is using the 2020 Census data that was released in September 2021 to create five equally populated voting districts for the first time.

The City is offering DistrictBuilder, an online mapping tool that includes demographic breakdowns based on the Census data, for residents to gain insights about their community and draw their own district maps for consideration.

Community members can submit as many maps as they would like throughout the districting process. Residents are not required to submit complete maps; they can simply draw boundaries for their own desired district or highlight what they consider to be their neighborhood boundaries. All compliant submissions will be posted on the City’s website at

The mapping tool is accessible on the Draw A Map page of the City’s districting website. All maps submitted by the specified deadline will be reviewed and processed by the City’s professional demographer. Compliant maps along with maps created by the demographer will be posted to the Proposed Maps webpage.

To demonstrate how to use the mapping tool, the City is hosting two community workshops for the public with the first one on September 15 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Residents will also have an opportunity to ask questions and provide input on neighborhoods that should be kept together in a single district.

To access mapping tools or to sign up for updates and information, visit

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