The City’s Public Works team manages Lomita’s contract to provide street sweeping services throughout the City.  The current contract was set to expire in September 2022, however it has been extended on a month-to-month basis to allow additional time to conduct a comprehensive review of the services provided to the community, select a contractor, and negotiate a fair price.

In preparation to solicit bids for a new contract for these services, the City Council has undertaken a comprehensive review of the services provided to the community. As part of that review, the City has included common concerns and questions raised by residents including the following:

  • Conflicts with school zones and pick-up/drop-off times
  • Difficulty and scarcity of available parking during sweeping times
  • Conflicts between sweeping times and trash pick up days and times – i.e. trash bins on the street do not allow for proper sweeping and take up needed parking
  • Inconsistency of sweeping in certain areas of high priority.
  • Among other concerns…

To address these concerns, and to better provide services and ensure our sweeping efforts are effective and efficient, and to reduce the impacts on our residents related to parking as much as possible, the City has proposed amendments to the street sweeping routes, frequency, parking restrictions, and overarching services provided. During the July 5, 2022 City Council meeting, the amendments detailed below were approved. The City is still in the implementation phase and soon you will see the installation and replacement of street sweeping signs indicating the new street sweeping parking restrictions on your street. 

Maps approved 7/5/22. Street sweeping signs indicating new restrictions coming soon.

View Approved Street Sweeping Maps and Schedule

Background on Current Sweeping Program

Currently, to meet State and federal sweeping requirements, street sweeping (and the associated parking restrictions to allow for proper sweeping) is performed on a weekly basis in all areas that are regularly swept, but not all streets are included in the existing sweeping routes.  Additionally, some streets may be posted with “No Parking” restrictions during the planned sweeping hours, while others have no restrictions.  

To address this disparity, and maintain compliance with the City’s requirements, the City is proposing an alternative approach under which the frequency of sweeping is determined based on the actual debris generated on a particular street (see Priority levels, A, B or C below).  This revised structure will allow many of the City’s street sections (and the associated parking restrictions) to be reduced from four or five times per month (weekly) requirements to twice per month, and allow for alternating schedules (i.e. one side of a street one week, and the other side the next) to further improve parking availability.

Level Condition Sweeping
A Highest volume of trash debris generated At least 2x per month
B Moderate volumes of debris At least 1x per month
C Low volumes of debris At least 2x per year

The revised routes will also allow for reduced conflicts with trash service and with school zones which will free up even more parking for residents to use and will allow for better and more timely enforcement by the City’s parking enforcement teams when necessary to avoid delays between the sweeper and the enforcement vehicle.  

The City’s Public Safety and Traffic Commission will be discussing the proposed amendments at its meeting on June 15th at 6:00 PM and is seeking input from residents as we move forward.

Following that meeting, the City Council will also discuss the amendments, considering input received and prepare for a new contract to be solicited by September 2022.  

Implementation and Adjustment

Once approved, new street signs will begin to be replaced and residents will receive notification of any changes that may occur on their streets.  The City will also allow time for residents to adjust to the new routes and schedules by providing a grace period for street sweeping related citations after new signs are in place and providing warnings and notifications in lieu of citations during that period.

For questions or comments or to discuss the proposed improvements to the City’s sweeping services, please contact the Public Works Department at (310) 325-7110 ext. 155, or by email at

Public Comment

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