The City of Lomita is launching an Organics Recycling program in January 2024, in accordance with California’s Senate Bill 1383. The statewide effort of SB 1383 aims to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants by reducing the amount of organic materials that end up in landfills. 

Beginning in January, Lomita residents will begin using three carts: blue for recyclables, green for organics (green and food waste only), and gray for trash.

Place items such as plastics, metals, paper and glass in the blue cart. 

Place items such as meat and other food scraps, landscape materials and yard trimmings, coffee grounds, bones, used plates and napkins and paper egg cartons in the green cart.

Place regular trash as well as pet waste, coffee pods, paper napkins with cleaning chemicals and other hazardous materials in the gray cart.

Remember to properly sort your waste in order to be compliant with new program requirements and to do your part to reduce climate pollutants.

To learn more about the Lomita’s Organics Recycling program, watch the City of Lomita’s latest video at

For a detailed list of items that belong in your green organic waste cart and answers to frequently asked questions, visit