The City of Lomita is committed to protecting and preserving our community by implementing strategies that both counteract vandalism and encourage artistic expression. Lomita is home to several large, blank walls that are often targets for graffiti. With this in mind, the city has created an innovative “3-Brushed Approach” designed to safeguard blank walls against graffiti.

The “3-Brushed Approach” consists of the following:

  1. Cover your Canvas – The following ideas are great ways for property owners to protect their walls and prevent graffiti: utilize graffiti-resistant coating, install lighting and security cameras, add landscaping such as bushes, trees and flowers near blank walls, cover the walls with vegetation and repaint with a multicolor pattern or mural. 
  2. Care for your CanvasThe Lomita Municipal Code includes protective and graffiti-preventative measures for all properties in the city to deter vandals. You may report any graffiti code violations to or by phone at 310-325-7110, extension 156.
  3. Common Canvas – The city has partnered with a local muralist to educate the youth on graffiti and is hosting a mural competition open to 5th graders at Lomita schools this spring. The winner of the competition will have their mural unveiled at a location within Lomita Park as part of the Anti-Gang and Drug Free Walk early this summer.

For more information on the “3-Brushed Approach,” please visit