Beginning in early 2023, the City of Lomita moved to begin the process of revising its General Plan. Last updated 25 years ago, this important document acts as the city’s strategic framework set through goals, policies and programs. The General Plan ultimately serves as the city’s main decision-making tool to guide future growth, development and conservation initiatives by establishing a timeline of actions through the lens of land use, circulation, open space, economic development, safety and environmental impacts.

During the summer of 2023, the City’s General Plan Update (GPU) team conducted thorough public research collecting input from the Lomita community on which goals they would like to see prioritized in the General Plan update. After reviewing and analyzing the data collected, the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) established the following goals for Lomita’s General Plan update:

  • Celebrate and enhance Downtown Lomita
  • Preserve, protect and enhance the city’s existing residential neighborhoods
  • Expand the range of housing choices to allow more people to live and work in Lomita
  • Expand the range of high-quality housing options
  • Target housing growth to support commercial activity
  • Encourage new desirable uses in Lomita and expand the local economy
  • Promote walkability throughout the city 
  • Create a pedestrian-friendly environment throughout the city
  • Reinforce corridors with memorable places
  • Create a fiscally-sustainable land use plan with balanced residential and nonresidential development

In November 2023, the City’s Planning Commission and City Council reviewed the GPU team’s data and decided to move forward with the following updates:

  • Element Updates: Lomita recently updated both the Housing and Safety Elements, but will continue to review the other elements throughout the year.
  • Zoning Code Update: The city will align its zoning standards with the vision represented by the Preferred Future Land Use Map and the ten GPAC goals listed above.
  • Environmental Impact Report: The city proposes future growth in Lomita, including new businesses, expansion of existing businesses and new residential uses such as a range of housing choices and high-quality housing options. 

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