The City Council approved Ordinance No. 859 that defines the distance a vehicle should move following a 72-hour parking notice. California law authorizes cities to tow any vehicle that is parked on a public street for 72 or more consecutive hours to address the number of abandoned vehicles left on the roadway. Equally important, it is a valuable tool used by parking enforcement agencies to make reasonable efforts to provide equal access to street parking for everyone, particularly in areas of the community where parking is at a high premium.

Given the size of the city, the ordinance provides clarity and defines 100 feet (approximately the length of six standard vehicles) as the distance a vehicle must move following a notice of 72-hours of consecutive non-movement in Lomita. The vehicle could also move across the street or around the corner to be considered in compliance. This distance would make enforcement efforts more effective, particularly when addressing oversized vehicles that create safety hazards. Oversized vehicles can impede the visibility of traffic signals and signage, interfere with the follow of traffic on narrow streets, and compromise the safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

Enforcement of the ordinance begins on February 15, 2024. There are no ticket fees attached to the 72-hour parking warning, however vehicles are subject to being towed by Lomita Sheriff. For questions, contact