On Friday March 25, 2022, Congresswoman Maxine Water presented the City of Lomita with $940,000 to invest in the future of Lomita’s water supply! The Mayor and City Council were on hand for the check presentation and thanked the Congresswoman for her untiring efforts to secure this critical funding for our community. Click here to watch the video from the event.

Lomita is currently making significant investments in upgrading the Cypress Water Production Facility and Well Number Five, which pulls groundwater to supply the city water. The four new recently installed tanks are the heart of the Granular Activated Carbon filtration system project designed to further improve water quality for our residents. The project represents more than $5 million in investment and is the direct result of the grassroots efforts to our residents to make their city a better place.

But even with these improvements, Well Number Five is the City’s only groundwater well, and when it is offline as it is currently during construction, the City must rely on imported water from other parts of the state to meet our residents’ needs.

Through this partnership, Congresswoman Maxine Waters has secured critical funding that will help Lomita explore the potential for a secondary well that will serve our residents’ needs locally, without relying on costly imported water and to invest into critical infrastructure and pipe replacements that will ensure that local water continues to be delivered to our residents’ homes safely and securely for years to come.

Tours of the facility will be available once the construction is complete in late spring.