The City of Lomita is proud to serve as one of five cities participating in the University of Southern California’s (USC) Price School of Public Policy’s Sunstone Economic Development Challenge.

The year-long challenge enlists USC student teams, mostly comprised of grad students, to formulate strategies startup businesses can potentially leverage to drive economic growth in each participating municipality. Spearheaded by Sunstone’s CEO and USC Price grad John Keisler, this program connects municipalities and universities with helpful support from the private sector to stimulate economic development. The winning team receives a $5,000 prize through the Sunstone Community Fund, a foundation supporting public benefit entrepreneurial programs. 

“I’m excited to invite the students from USC Price School of Public Policy to ‘The Friendly City’ of Lomita to further our economic development efforts relating to entrepreneurship,” she said. “A large portion of our businesses are developed, constructed, owned, and operated by our own Lomita residents and, in addition, Lomita frequently takes home the top prizes in the National Lemonade Day competition for youth. Momentum for such improvements within Lomita is budding, and we can’t wait to see how the students can leave a positive impact on our small but passionate community!”

Good luck to participating students! Lomita looks forward to what they work together to accomplish. To learn more about the Sunstone Economic Development Challenge, visit: