After listening to the community’s concerns, the City of Lomita is set to implement significant changes to its trash collection and street sweeping routes. This move, designed to better serve residents’ needs and improve efficiency, was approved at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. The decision aims to enhance the effectiveness and convenience of these essential services.

These adjustments result from the city’s ongoing partnership with Athens Services, which has provided both solid waste collection and street sweeping services in Lomita since April 2023. The new plan will increase trash collection days from three to five, allowing Athens Services, the city’s waste management provider, to sweep without interference from bins at the curbs. This change also allows Athens to focus on smaller city sections each day and provide efficient customer service. 

For street sweeping, the city will categorize all streets into Priorities A, B and C according to the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit to reduce pollutants This categorization determines the minimum frequency for sweeping as follows:

  • Priority A (highest debris volume) – Sweeping at least twice per month
  • Priority B (moderate debris volume) – Sweeping at least once per month
  • Priority C (low debris volume) – Sweeping at least once per month

 This unified approach creates an opportunity to better coordinate schedules and routes for both services, minimizing service conflicts, boosting efficiency and beautifying our streets.

Later this year, the City of Lomita plans to install new street sweeping signs, indicating updated parking restrictions during street sweeping times. A grace period will precede the issuance of street sweeping parking tickets, allowing residents to adapt to the new schedules.

For more information regarding street sweeping and street sweeping enforcement, contact Parking Enforcement Supervisor John Campos

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